What We Offer

Serious Crime

Murder and Homicide


Sexual offences


VAT/ Duty Fraud

Duty Fraud

Tax Fraud

MTIC/Carousel Fraud

Restraint Orders (POCCA)


Youth Court

Magistrate’s Court

Crown Court

Legal Aid

Private Fees

General Crime

General Crime

S18- Wounding With Intent


Threats To Kill

Domestic Violence

Driving Offences

Death by Dangerous or Careless driving

Dangerous Or Careless Driving

Driving Whilst Disqualified

Driving Over The Prescribed Limit

Failure To Provide A Specimen Or Analysis

Police Station

We value our clients

Our criminal defence solicitors are astute, supportive and known for probing strategic, sensible and practical criminal law advice and for our ability to keep potentially high profile cases out of the public domain.

We value our solicitor-client relationship. It is built upon service, trust and ultimately the personal connection between our people and our clients.

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We will always offer a complimentary, no obligation, and initial consultation, to explore how we can work together with you. Feel free to contact us on our 24 hours emergency number or make an enquiry online.