Private Fees

In accordance with the SRA transparency rules Spartans Law takes pride in the quality and services it provides to its clients.

Below is information which relates to our standard hourly rates and of other private methods of funding options available to you at Spartans Law.


We can offer hourly rates depending on the complexity of your case. The below chart is a guide only.

Director/Senior Solicitor From £350 excluding VAT
Solicitor From £280 excluding VAT
Trainee Solicitor From £220 excluding VAT
Paralegal/case worker From £180 excluding VAT

If the case is complex, it will require more senior solicitors and more time, which will have an impact on the fees. We are transparent in respect of our charges and will update you frequently on the costs of your matter.


Our fees and disbursements are subject to VAT at 20%. For further information please call us on 03333 449 786.


Please note there may be additional costs for instructing barristers, experts, interpreters or other associated disbursements such as photocopying etc.

Police station

In order to attend at the police station with you privately we can usually agree a fixed fee
from £500 to £1800 plus VAT depending on the location and complexity of your matter.

Magistrates court or crown court

First appearances, routine hearings or sentence at court will cost from £500 plus VAT to £2000 plus VAT. Please note this is subject to the complexity of your case and the fees will vary depending on the status of the individual that will represent you at court.

Trial and other matters

Please note the below is a guide price and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis only. The below fee does not cover the cost of disbursements.

Trial at Magistrates court From £1000 to £5000
Appeal – magistrates court From £2500
Crown Court – guilty plea From £2000 to £20,000 depending on the complexity of your case
Trial at Crown Court Please note the fee will be subject to the complexity of your case.
Not guilty plea at Crown Court From £5000 to £25000 subject to the complexity of your case
Legal aid

We will always advise you on legal aid eligibility if you seek this option.

You are under no obligation to instruct us privately should you qualify for a legal aid service.