Cultivation/Production of Cannabis or Other Drugs

It is a serious criminal offence if you are accused of the cultivation of cannabis, or producing other drugs. If you are accused of this offence the police and prosecution must show that:

  • You have been cultivating (growing) any plant of the cannabis family.

Cultivation of cannabis can range from the simple growing of cannabis plants to complicated hydroponic arrangements where the plants are grown on a massive commercial scale and involve complex water, heating and lighting arrangements in order to try to maximise the yield of cannabis plants which can be grown.

cultivation of cannabis

In the same way, the people accused of cultivation range from habitual cannabis users growing several plants that they intend to harvest and smoke for their own personal use; to organised gangs who convert entire buildings into complex cannabis farms. An individual can only be charged with cultivation or production, not both.

The offence of cultivating cannabis is an either-way offence. This means it can be heard in either the Magistrates or the Crown Court. The maximum sentencing power in the Magistrate’s Court is 6 months’ imprisonment, and if the case is dealt with by the Crown Court, the maximum is 14 years’ imprisonment.

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