Importation Of Drugs


The potential for prosecutions in this area has grown with the increase of internet pharmacy sites. It is important to remember if ordering a controlled drug over the internet you may risk prosecution. There are also concerns about the safety of such drugs as there has been a huge increase in counterfeit pharmaceutical products over the last few years.

The prosecution would have to establish the following:

  • That a person knowingly acquired possession of goods
  • That a person is knowingly was concerned in carrying, removing, depositing, harbouring, keeping or concealing or in any manner dealing with the goods.

Schedule 4 (ii) drugs (e.g. steroids) can be imported or exported provided that they are for personal use and carried in or out of the country by the person intending to use them.

This offence is triable either way. Therefore it can be heard in the Magistrates court or Crown court.

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