Racially Aggravated Offences

Racially Aggravated Offences

Racially aggravated offences motivated attacks and religiously motivated attacks are attacks which are carried out because of a someone’s racial or ethnic origin, or their religion or lack of religion. They include the following:-

  • a physical attack on a person or family by another person or group of people
  • an attack on a person’s or family’s home or property, for example, breaking a window, throwing an object through a letter box or setting a car alight
  • verbal abuse or threats
  • written abuse, for example, a letter, pamphlet, email, telephone or text message
  • an abusive slogan painted on a wall or building

The Courts will consider whether:

  • At the time of committing the offence, or immediately before or after it, you have demonstrated hostility towards the victim because of their membership or a racial or religious group; or
  • The offence is motivated by hostility towards members of a racial or religious group.

If you are accused of committing a racially aggravated offences, it is important that you have a solicitor who will prepare your case under your instructions, and act in your best interests throughout. Get in touch with us today.