The most serious Dishonesty offence is robbery. If you are accused of robbery, the prosecution has to prove that you have:

  • Stolen property, and
  • have used or threatened to use violence against a person in order to steal the property

This can include everything from a street mugging, where the victim is threatened unless they hand over their wallet or phone, to attacks on businesses like corner shops or petrol stations where the cashier is forced to hand over the contents of the till.

Often, the evidence in a robbery case relies on forensic evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, or mobile phone cell-site analysis. While this can help the Prosecution, our solicitors have experience at successfully challenging the reliability of this evidence and our clients have been found Not Guilty because there was no evidence to convict them.

If you are accused of robbery, your case is so serious that only a Crown Court can deal with it. It can carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, and almost always carries a prison sentence. With an offence as serious as this, you need to know your solicitors are working hard preparing your case and always looking for the best result possible.