Violent Disorder

Violent Disorder

The offence of Violent Disorder is a serious Public Order Offence where the police and prosecution would have to prove that you:

  • Were part of a group of three or more persons;
  • Were using threatening unlawful violence; and
  • The conduct of the group taken together would cause a reasonable person at that place to fear for their personal safety.

Violent Disorders are similar to Riots but involve smaller groups of people involved.  Like Riots, Violent Disorders can occur during otherwise peaceful democratic protests.  There is a real danger that someone who is peacefully protesting could be accused of being part of a violent disorders and face a serious criminal allegation against them.

The offence of Violent Disorder is an either way offence, meaning it can be heard in either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.  The offence is very serious and it is important that if you are accused of being part of a Violent Disorder that you can trust that your solicitor has your best interests in mind, and is working hard to consider the evidence against you, and advise you about the strength of your case.

The solicitors at Spartans Law have dealt with many Violent Disorder cases, and have experience in evaluating complicated evidence for serious offences. If you, or someone you know, are accused of this offence, then Contact Us so that we can help you.