S18- Wounding With Intent

Wounding With Intent

The most serious offence of violence is Section 18 grievous bodily harm and can also be known as wounding with intent.

This offence is indictable only, which means it can only be dealt with in the Crown Court. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

The difference between an offence of section 18 assault and section 20 is one of intent. The severity of the injury caused is not the determining factor, although it can provide evidence of intent.

Factors that may suggest intent necessary for section 18 assault include:

  • Repeated/ planned attack;
  • Deliberate selection of a weapon;
  • Adapting an article to cause injury e.g. breaking a glass before an attack;
  • Prior threats;
  • Using an offensive weapon to the head or kicking the victim’s head.

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